General Imaging



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  1.  Camera does not power on.
  2. None of functions work although the power is on.
  3. The indoor photos are not clear.
  4. My camera takes a long time to snap the picture.
  5. What are .thm (thumbnail) files and why does my camera show them?

  6. What if my camera could not be turned off?
  7. My computer running the Windows XP operating system does not recognize my digital camera. What is wrong and how do I fix it?
  8. How do I / Can I view pictures on a television?
  9. How come my camera does not store the date/ time after the power has been turned off?
  10. How do I remove the date/time stamp from pictures I have already taken?
  11. Sometimes the pictures I take with my digital camera are blurry. How can I correct this?
  12. What causes red eye, and how can it be reduced?
  13. My digital camera automatically turned off. Is something wrong?
  14. Why can't my computer communicate with my digital camera?
  15. My camera won't focus on anything. It always shows the red focus indicator even when I hold down the capture button halfway.
  16. How can I view the movies I take with my camera on my computer?
  17. I took a bunch of pictures, and now the focus is all messed up, why?
  18. How come whenever I take a close up shot it comes out blurry?
  19. How do I take a 'TIME LAPSE' picture? I have set it to do a time lapse, but the camera takes single shots.
  20. How do I access my camera via the USB cable? I do not see anything when I plug the camera in.
  21.  I want to send a picture in a word document, but the size is just too big.
  22. Can you give me some general tips on using flash?
  23. Why is it so complicated to get the exposure right on my pictures? (Why doesn't the camera just capture what my eye sees?)
  24. What conditions warrant the use of high ISO?
  25. My camera will not print from my photo printer via USB cable?
  26. I have the E850. Whenever I shoot a movie/ video, I get a choppy picture.
  27. My Pictures have a green tint to them.