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  1. I cannot or do not know how to use the Panorama Mode.
  2. What is this SCN?
  3. I do not want the time and date etc. showing when I take pictures and so on. Can I remove that from the setting?
  4. What is the Manual Mode?
  5. My images are coming out shaky even in Anti-Shake Mode. I hold the camera still but it still comes out blurred.
  6. My camera won't change modes when the dial is changed to another setting , when I change from Auto Mode to playback mode on the dial the camera stays in auto mode.
  7. I have the Continuous Mode set to 5 shots, but the camera takes only one picture. How do I take 5 shots?
  8. How do I set the Timestamp on my camera?
  9. Is there a way I can reset the camera settings? / restore factory settings?
  10. How can I change the lighting settings in the Auto Mode?
  11. How do I change the Scene Mode?
  12. How do I change the Time & Date?
  13. How do I reset the camera?
  14. Can I change the light setting in Auto Mode?
  15. Is there any way I can take sharp pictures with the Auto Mode in the dark environment. That is without using the Anti-Shake Mode?
  16. I am unable to set the date on my camera, it keeps reverting to a previous date.
  17. I am trying to crop a picture and the manual does not tell me how to do it.
  18. In Panoramic Mode on the E1486TW, after taking the first picture, a green line will appear on LCD.