General Imaging

Photographer: William

Art Unexpected

GE Digital Cameras is proud to sponsor, Art Unexpected, a unique photography education program for children at the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity in Costa Mesa, California. The program was designed and is being taught by independent creative director and photographer Mick Victor.

In each class session, children are given the use of a point-and-shoot GE Digital Camera and invited to capture photographs of anything around them that might look like something other than what it really is. An innocent smudge of mud or tar on the ground might look like a person or a tree. The branches of a real tree might look like an imaginary animal. A cloud in the sky might be a beautiful bird.

Photographer: Olivia

Photographer: Samantha

Photographer: Logan

The digital images of the class participants are then gathered and projected for everyone in the classroom to see. Each artist names their piece and with Mick Victor as moderator, participates in a lively art and abstract class discussion about what they see.

Below you can view some of the terrific Art Unexpected images being captured with our GE Digital Cameras.

Photographer: Maria

Photographer: Ella

Photographer: Carson

Photographer: Brooke