General Imaging
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Smart Series

features and value

Smart Series 

more features more value


Each of these sleek cameras is loaded with the intuitive features you need to make beautiful photography a cinch because everyone likes a smart value.



Active Series

more get-up, more go

Active Series 

more get-up more go

The sturdy metal housing and shockproof construction contains your favorite high-tech features so you can stay on the move. And with the waterproof DV1 model, the fun doesn't have to stop at the water's edge.


Power Series

more power, more full

Power Series 

more power more full

If you want it all, you’ll want one of these cameras. A slim metal housing, lithium battery, glass lens and touch screen controls, coupled with the latest in intuitive high-tech features, make the Power Series the one you’ll reach for every time.

Power Pro

more professional

Power Pro Series

More professional


All the latest digital technology is seamlessly built-in to reflect your own powerful sense of style and capture those priceless memories that define our lives.