General Imaging

General Imaging GE E1480W Announced

Date: 2010-01-09

General Imaging GE E1480W Announced


General Imaging (GE) has announced the new GE E1480W – the camera features a 14.1 megapixel sensor, a wide angle 8x optical zoom lens (28-224mm), 3.0″ screen, ISO3200, HDTV out, pancapture, face detection, takes lithium-ion batteries, and will be available in black, red, and silver for $189.

“Both the E1486TW and E1480W offer innovative OIS image stabilization technology that ensures crisp, clear photos every time, while a 28-mm angle glass lens provides the flexibility to go wide when needed. In addition, the E1486TW offers an innovative touch screen control, putting the control at your fingertips. A simple swipe of your finger lets you scroll through recent shots and swipe the screen to zoom photos.”