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GE Digital Camera E1250TW Review

Date: 2010-01-28


With a 3.0” touch panel LCD and 12.2-megapixel resolution, the GE E1250TW takes cameras to a whole new level of challenges. It has on-screen icons in an intuitive user-friendly interface simplify camera operation and settings. Menu navigation is awesome as everything is set in the touch panel LCD, Plus, 116 MB of internal memory offers plenty of space for pictures and videos without having to carry additional memory cards.


    * Touch Panel: This is the first impression and it’s so easy to use as my 7 year old son can navigate many things with ease and On-screen icons make camera operation simpler and faster.

    * 28mm Wide Angle Lens: The lens coverage is high so we can capture large group shots with the extra wide lens.

    * Auto Scene Detection : Automatically determines the appropriate scene type and optimizes exposure for sharp, vibrant pictures.

    * Blink Detection: Not many competetors offer this feature as it alerts you if a subject’s eyes were closed so you can immediately retake the picture.

    * Smile Detection: This is very smart feature as the shutter automatically releases when the smile appears so you can capture smiles the moment they happen.

    * Face Detection: Although it’s a standard feature but it automatically focuses and optimizes exposure for sharp pictures.

    * Image Stabilization: It supports to overcome camera shake for clearer, sharper pictures.

    * In-Camera Red-Eye Removal: It’s a standard feature.

    * Auto Adjust Brightness LCD: This is great as the LCD screen adjusts to the existing lighting conditions so you can frame your subject properly and we can avoid flash usage to get natural clarity pictures.

    * HDTV Output: View photos with others in your living room by connecting to your HDTV and it comes with all connecting cables

Inside the Box
Accessories included with the E1250TW:

    * Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery

    * Battery Charger

    * AV cable

    * USB cable

    * Wrist strap

    * CD ROM Manual

    * Quick Start Guide

Bottom Line

Light weight, sleek and compact design packed with advantage features perfect for women to take it anywhere with slow shutter speeds, or with high optical zoom, image stabilization (aka anti-shake) will help to capture sharper images. It’s very handy so it’s a must to have one for a Happy Family to capture all Sweet Memories and enjoy it by viewing pictures and feel smoothness in the touchscreen! GE Digital Camera E1250TW is your highly preferred choice with abundant selection of features that you can’t find in any other cameras that costs less than US$199.99

Happy Shopping!